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I love being me!

A generation X, Renaissance woman, Obina Escort beholds many gifts and talents. Her uplifting spirit of entrepreneurship is marked by her many years of professional training and experience in the fashion, skin-care and real-estate industries. A mother of two, following in the creative steps of her late grandmother, Irma Escort - a well-known and sought after hat designer and interior decorator - Obina wears many hats and wears them well. 

Bold and confident in her personal punk-rock couture style, Obina’s perspective is – “Fashion has no point.” Boundless in ability and creativity, Obina is also a licensed esthetician with New York State certification from Aveda-Carsten Institute with more than thirteen years of sales. She has now Transfer her experiences into a new world of skin-care.

Her healing Hand are most talked about custom facials that includes a mini massage, Aroma-therapy, deep-pore cleansing are just a few of the services Obina renders at LA BELLE BOUTIQUE in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, Committed to her clients looking and feeling their best, Obina only uses all natural and organic skin-care products and also have handmade skincare line called DAILY REGIMEN. 

Simple regimen for lazy people want radiant skin. Get a personalized skin coaching to help maintaining radiant skincare at home. 


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